Cover Notes, Insurance for the Music Business Industries
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We understand that the subject of insurance is not the most fascinating and our approach has always been to provide translations written in English, whilst said missives have not always been grammatically perfect we believe that clients understand what we are communicating. For those clients who are allergic to large amounts of unbroken type (and understand Brummie) we are happy to talk over requirements.

Read your policy - this really is a good idea. Your policy document evidences a legally binding contract and should be considered definitive. Most people will not (in spite of our best efforts) read their policy. There is one exception to this general rule and this is the unfortunate who is standing by the pile of smouldering rubble that a few hours earlier was his business - he in our experience has read his policy carefully line by line and acquired a great depth of understanding of his policy terms and conditions. We will try to provide full and adequate cover but only you really understand your business - if you are not sure about any point talk to us.

We are regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority, one of whose functions is to ensure that we deal with clients fairly. We will at the outset send you a Terms of Business letter that will outline the scope of our activities, how we get paid (very important to us), dispute resolution procedures and common exclusions. Please see a summary of main areas below:

  • Material Facts: this is anything that affects your insurance - if your stock doubles - tell us. If an employee is injured - tell us. If your business changes in any way - we need to know.
  • Terrorism - unless you agree with us and pay separately for Terrorism cover you will not be insured in the event of a Terrorist Act.
  • E. Risk - all insurers will restrict cover arising from computer related stuff - from year 2000 date recognition to electronic trading.
  • Flood - if your business is situated in an area with a history of flooding - tell us.
  • Premises - Construction - we will assume that you are trading from premises that have been constructed from brick with an apex tile or slate roof. If you are working from a wooden shed down the bottom of your garden please mention this to us.You must tell us if you are aware of any asbestos material in your premises.
  • Overseas Activities - not your summer holiday but trading activities - unless disclosed you will not be covered.

Please note the above list is not exhaustive and you should really read our Terms of Business, Insurer Policy Documents and supporting bumph provided by us. We will always provide you with these documents at quotation stage or earlier on request.

If you have any queries we suggest you Talk To Us - we value your custom.

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