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To Work in Harmony With You. Whether you manufacture guitars, supply instruments or repair violins our concern remains to provide very wide cover at competitive rates. Your business will be individual and will need individual consideration. We will discuss your needs at length to ensure that we compose the perfect score of covers. Where possible we will use package policies - contracts that comprise a wide range of covers automatically. In addition to the normal Fire, Storm, Flood, Theft etc, Business Interruption, Employers Liability, Public and Products Liability available in general we have negotiated further benefits specific to you. An example of the trade specific extensions of cover that may be arranged under the Cover Notes banner for you include:

  • Goods in Transit - cover for sendings both by your own vehicles and by hauliers.
  • Exhibition Cover - to include stock, stands and to extend liability covers for UK shows. Foreign shows such as the Frankfurt Musikmesse can also be considered.
  • Wide Description of Trade - to include sales, repairs etc. - this has the effect of extending the scope of your normal liability cover.
  • Seasonal Increases - tell us about your busy periods when stock levels are high.
  • Stock at Owners / Employees Home - to cover instruments that you may wish to play (with) on the weekend, or even for formal product training.
  • Second Hand Stock - to include instruments for sale or that you hold in trust for repair.
  • Marine Transit Insurance - if you require cover for imported / exported goods whilst in transit this can be arranged.
  • Goods on Approval - cover details available upon request

Composed for You: your business is specific to you and whilst we do not wish to blow our own trumpets we will try our hardest to make sure that we are singing from the same song sheet. We will on request send you a quote specific to your business for your approval - proposal forms are not normally required.

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