Cover Notes, Insurance for the Music Business Industries
Cover for retailers

In Tune With Your Needs. Whether you specialise in niche areas or sell all types of instruments and accessories our objective is to provide very wide cover at competitive rates. Standard shop policies we feel do not offer a sufficient range of covers. Below is an example of the Zurich / Cover Notes policy extra features:

Special Features: A Medley of Features Including:

  • Second Hand Stock - to include instruments you take in part exchange, hold on commission sale or hold in trust for repair. Automatic single instrument cover for 15,000 with the option to increase this limit if required.
  • Goods in Transit - cover for an automatic 10,000 for collection, delivery and sendings by you or by haulier - again you may increase if required.
  • Exhibition Cover - Whether it be a show at the BMF, Music Live or a local hall. Cover is included for up to 10% of your normal stock level at UK exhibitions and cover for stands to 5,000. Liability covers are also included.
  • Wide Description of Trade - to include as well as sale of instruments, demonstrations, repair and tuition/teaching schools, both on and off-site - this has the effect of considerably extending the scope of your liability cover.
  • Seasonal Increases - you may choose any four months for a 30% increase in stock levels to apply. Default is October to January inclusive. The level of cover may be increased to 50% upon request
  • Stock at Owners / Employees Homes - to cover instruments that you or your employees may wish to play (with) on the weekend, or even for formal product training.
  • 'All Risks' Cover - policies include full accidental damage cover for when little Timmy and his seven brothers and sisters visit your shop...
  • Flexibility - Special consideration will be given to requirements such as off site storage, work away other than above etc.
  • Reduced Excess - If you have to claim then you can claim more
  • Goods on Approval - cover details available upon request

Composed for You: The above summary outlines only some of the features of one of the contracts that we have access to that we hope are perfectly pitched to suit your individual requirements. We will send you a quote specific to your business for your approval - proposal forms are not required.

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